June 2021

The Journey of Trace Minerals – Ninth episode

June 30th, 2021|News|

The University of Copenhagen, our partner, presented an oral at IC2AR

June 20th, 2021|News|

April 2021

Animine & PigChamp abstract at ESPHM 2020+1

April 22nd, 2021|News|

The Journey of Trace Minerals – Eighth episode

April 1st, 2021|News|

March 2021

Animine and PigChamp abstract at GfE conference

March 25th, 2021|News|

December 2020

Animine and Pigchamp orals at EAAP

December 5th, 2020|News|

October 2020

Animine and Cirad presented 2 orals at the 12th conference on LCA food

October 23rd, 2020|News|

September 2020

The Journey of Trace Minerals – Seventh episode

September 23rd, 2020|News|

June 2020

The Journey of Trace Minerals – Sixth episode

June 23rd, 2020|News|

March 2020

The Journey of Trace Minerals – Fifth episode

March 23rd, 2020|News|

January 2020

SUMINAPP results have been presented at IPPE

January 30th, 2020|News|

The Journey of Trace Minerals – Fourth Episode

January 23rd, 2020|News|

November 2019

The Journey of Trace Minerals – Third Episode

November 13th, 2019|News|

October 2019

September 2019

The first results of SUMINAPP project have been presented during EAAP meeting!

September 3rd, 2019|News|

June 2019

The second episode of our comic has been published!

June 7th, 2019|News|

March 2019

October 2018

Our technical article on Life Cycle Assessment of Feed Ingredients has been published!

October 23rd, 2018|News|

March 2018

Follow project updates on ResearchGate

March 1st, 2018|News|

January 2018

PigChamp Pro announces the approval of the SUMINAPP Project

January 30th, 2018|News|

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