Animine is a research based supplier of value added sources of trace minerals for animal nutrition. Created in 2010 in France, the SME is Fami-QS and ISO14001 certified.

Animine has gained recognition from the academy and from the feed industry through innovative products:

  • HiZox®, a potentiated source of zinc oxide
  • CoRouge®, the first dicopper oxide authorized in animal nutrition
  • ManGrin®, a highly purified manganese oxide

These trace minerals showed high bioavailability values and positive effects on intestinal health of growing animals, which are of interest for developed and emerging countries with intensive animal production areas.

PigCHAMP Pro Europa has carried out 200+ studies under contract for important companies in the animal production sector, since its foundation. The company owns large experimental farm for trials in live conditions.

PigCHAMP has influence, through farm data management with PigCHAMP software, in more than 350,000 reproductive sows in Spain (almost 15% of the total census). Also, it provides vet services for more than 40 pig companies in Spain and health consultancy in Europe (mainly in Spain, Italy and Portugal), in South America (Mexico, Brazil and Colombia).

Cirad – UPR78 Recycling and risk and US Analyses. CIRAD is a French research center working with developing countries to tackle international agricultural and development issues. The Recycling and risk research unit aims at providing solutions for the recycling of organic wastes by agricultural practices, while assessing and managing the associated agro-environmental risks.

The main scientific challenge facing the unit is to combine knowledge generated by studies of biophysical processes and that relating to environmental assessment, by means of an integrated approach.